About Zarzuela Cats

My name is Fiona and I live and work in West Auckland.  My love affair with Oriental cats began in 1989 at a Siamese Cat Club show where I saw an Oriental Ebony on display.  I was fascinated with the long face and big ears and had to have one.

After several months I found a kitten and met my beloved Zulu, a tiny 10 week old black spider with endless legs and tail and the biggest ears I had ever seen - it was love at first sight and he became my best buddy for 11 years until his death in 2001.

 In 1992 I bought my first breeding queen, another Oriental Ebony called Mkuzi Malindi, bred by the late Helen Chubb.  Helen and the members of The Oriental Shorthair Cat Association (TOSCA) became my mentors and helped me through the first few years of breeding and taught me many invaluable things.

My very first Breeders Award of Merit came in 1995 with my lovely Sealpoint Siamese, Zarzuela Lapsong and my first ever bred Double Grand Premier was my special Oriental Blue girl, Zarzuela Saracen In Blue.

In 2002 I changed direction in colours with my first oriental bi-colour litter, from my new queen, Edeltier Azizi (another ebony) and father Tacodah Cafezinho.  Five lovely kittens, including three bi-colour girls!  Zarzuela Oracle (Havana Brown Bi-Colour) won a Best In Show and Breeders Award of Merit at the 2003 NZCF National Show.  

Oracle's litter sister, Zarzuela Alinghi (Lilac-Based Caramel Bi-Colour) was the mother of my best cat ever, Zarzuela New Moon On Monday ("Luna") a Blue Bi-Colour.  Luna won numerous Best In Show placings and Breeders Awards of Merit, and attained the titles of nzcf Gold Double Grand Champion and Gold Double Grand Premier, prior to her death in August 2011.

 My breeding is now moving on with Luna's great-granddaughter, Slique Coming Home (a Lilacpoint Siamese) and I hope to have some more bi-colours in the near future.