Kittens from Zarzuela . . .

. . . are born in our home, raised in our home and sold from our home.

Kittens leave at a minimum of ten weeks of age, but we prefer to keep them until they are 12 weeks old.  They are vaccinated, have followed a worming programme, and are desexed and microchipped prior to leaving.  They will also have a kitten pack of food and toys and a 30 day insurance policy.

Siamese and Oriental Kittens need to live in a home with other cats (preferably the same breed), or people who work from home or are available at home most of the time.  They are incredibly social animals and love to interact with their humans and feline companions.

We prefer that our kittens go to homes where a commitment is made to keep their cats inside and safe.

August 2013

We have three kittens for sale - they will be packed and ready to leave in late September 2013:

Afghan is a Havana Brown Oriental female - chocolate coloured all over and she will grow up to be a sleek shiny beauty. AFGHAN HAS NOW GONE TO HER NEW HOME WITH HER SISTER, MIRANDA.

Miranda is a Sealpoint Siamese female - she is a large kitten, bouncing with health and vitality. MIRANDA HAS NOW GONE TO HER NEW HOME WITH HER SISTER, AFGHAN.

Simon is a Sealpoint Siamese male - he is all go or whoa - speeds around getting into trouble or fast asleep and purring. SIMON WENT TO A NEW HOME BUT IT DIDN'T WORK OUT - WE'RE NOW TALKING TO SOME NEW PEOPLE ABOUT TAKING HIM.

See more photos of the kittens in the Photo Gallery under Maggie's Kittens.

If you are interested in any of these kittens, please contact me.