March 2014

The new show season has started with Zedd off to an amazing start with 5 x BIS at the CatzInc Birthday Show, followed up a week later with 2 x BIS and a runner up at the Metro Show.
Baarbie also took out 5 x BIS at Catz, and had a leave pass for Metro due to a cut nose.

Prancer the bicolour has finally been spayed and xrayed with interesting results. She has a very bent spine and though it causes her no problems at the moment, it could change as she gets older. She is very much an adventurer and at the front of all mishaps and breakages at home and is a funny complex little character.

Sister Arrow who is now in Queensland is also doing well on the show bench, with a recent BIS in a ring of 50 entries - wow!

Maggie has gone to live in the far north with siamese son Simon - they have a fabulous life and have had some interesting adventures - Maggie has developed a new hobby involving stealing food from the local police station! 

All the cats and kittens are now desexed and I'm taking a break from breeding, so no more kittens for a while. 

August 2013

A busy time for us all.  Maggie finally has a litter of kittens, born on 20 June.  Two sealpoint siamese, one havana brown, one ebony, one havana brown bicolour and one ebony bicolour.  See their pictures in the Photo Gallery under Maggie's Kittens.

Wee Zed the ebony will be staying here with us, along with Dancer the ebony bicolour.

Lilly's daughter Baaaaarby has been to a few shows this season and capped off her kitten show time with All Breeds Best In Show at CatzInc Karnak show under US judge Sandi Mattingly, then went BIS Shorthair under Dick Wye at the City of Sails show.  She's just turned 9 months so will be competing against the big guys from now on. 

December 2012

Lots going on at the moment:

Lilly has finally had her first litter of kittens to Aussie import Braeside Michaelangelo. She has four little females, possibly all straight Lilacpoint siamese, but yet to determine if any are Lilac Lynxpoints. Lilly has struggled to feed the kittens and I've been up every night so far doing extra feeds at 2.30am.  Starting to feel absolutely shattered, but the reward is that the kittens are all doing well and growing. Three of these little females will be available for sale, ready about mid-February.

New girl Maggie (Ridgeview Mylo Xyloto) has also been to stud and is due to have her babies on Christmas Day. I'm not sure of what colours Maggie might carry so could be a rainbow litter, or just Ebonies and Ebony Bicolours.  If all goes well, Maggie's kittens will be available at the end of March.

9 September 2012

My precious Azizi went to cat heaven today. She is buried under a Splendour apple tree and will no doubt make the sweetest apples ever. Rest in peace my lovely girl and keep watch over the garden.

November update - Azizi's apple tree is covered in new leaves and blossoms and I've seen a Kingfisher perch on the support posts a few times.

May 2012

Still no kittens from Lilly, but she has been to a couple of shows and collected a Champion status, together with a Breeders Award and a Best in Show. 

There is a new arrival planned though - watch this space for a new Zebra to join the household.

Azizi is still with us, has monthly steroid and AB injections and is so far coping okay, but slowing down and feeling the cold as winter sets in.

 Look out for us at future shows and say hello.

1 February 2012

My lovely Azizi is slowly becoming slower as her illness creeps up on her.  But she is still the superstar cat as she and I went to have some photos done by Sharlene at Focal Point Photos in Ponsonby.  She posed and behaved beautifully, though there were some issues with both of us looking at the camera at the same time - I know who was the pro at having pictures taken!  See the results on our Photo Gallery.

January 2012

Lilly is getting ready for her first mating - fingers crossed for kittens soon.

We have had Luna's son Monkey to stay for two months.  He is a very large Oriental Blue neuter who has made himself completely at home again while his mum had surgery.  The girls thought him very exotic, but we're all pleased he's now gone back home.  Have a look at his picture in the photo gallery, along with his older brother Gandalf, who sent his photo to me for Christmas.

Azizi turned 10 at the end of October 2011, but is unfortunately very ill.

20 August 2011

Today our beautiful Luna went to the Rainbow Bridge.  Her cancer had multiplied and she had started having difficulties with breathing and heart problems.  You will live forever in our hearts and memories - miss you heaps lovely girl.   She is bured under a pink magnolia in the garden, near to her daughter Tiger.

January 2011

Skippy has a daughter, a beautiful lilacpoint girl, to be known as Lilly.

Kittens on the way....

We have kittens on the way - definitely one litter at the end of January 2011 and (fingers crossed) another litter due in early March.  None of the kittens will be bi-colours, but we're expecting ebonies, havanas, sealpoints, chocolatepoints and with any luck some blues and/or lilacs.    Watch this space.....

Bad News - 30 September 2010

Our beautiful cat Luna has been diagnosed with probable cancer.  She underwent surgery yesterday for removal of two mammary tumours, which in 80-90% of cases are malignant.  At this time she shows no other secondary cancers, but time will tell.

She has recovered from her surgery fairly well, and is taking it easy at home in bed with Azizi to snuggle with.

UPDATE 5 OCTOBER 2010 - Luna has had a post-op check with vet and appears to be doing well.  Her surgery is healing well which is a good sign, but we have to see how she goes through the next few months, in case there are any secondary cancers.  Fingers crossed everyone!

July 2010

Baby sealpoint Shiny won a Best In Show at the Auckland Cat Club show on 27 June - thank you to judge Colleen Frew for the placing and the very kind comments.   Skippy won her third challenge to make her a Champion, but was very unhappy at being shown and will now take a rest.

31 July 2010 - Pet Expo!

We went to the Pet Expo in Hamilton today with Azizi, Luna and baby Shiny.  Azizi spent hours being carried around and patted and kissed by lots of children - she was a superstar and purred and loved it all (though she slept for hours when she got home!)

Shiny was popular with a lot of people at the show and all the business cards with her picture on were taken.  Many people had owned sealpoints at some time in their life and were enchanted to see a sealpoint kitten.  She behaved well, and though a little scared at times with all the noise, allowed people to pat her and little children to hold her.

We had a great day, though extremely exhausting.  If you saw us at Pet Expo, send us a comment and say hello - IT WAS NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!

May 2010

A busy month for us:

TOSCA show on 1 May - Skippy, Luna and Azizi competed.  Luna scooped a BIS from judge Bronwyn Main, with Azizi Runner Up BIS in the same ring, what a coup!  Skippy achieved two challenges with fierce competition from another ebony queen.

Azizi has finally acquired enough points to add Double Grand Premier to her list of titles - she is officially Double Grand Premier and Bronze Double Grand Champion Edeltier Azizi.

Skippy's three boy kittens have all left home - good luck for the future to Kuba, Kairo and Sirius and their new families.

The wee female sealpoint kitten, Shiny (Zarzuela I'm In The Sunshine) is to stay at home with us and have babies of her own in due course.

February 2010

Sadly our lovely Tiger (Zarzuela Shang-A-Lang) has succumbed to the brain damage incurred at her birth and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge to join all the other cats who have passed before her.  RIP Tiger.

January 2010

Luna has won NZCF 8th Best Shorthair Neuter/Spay Cat for 2010.  Her grandson Ridgeview Phantom Menace was placed 10th.

SKIPPY HAS KITTENS - four babies born on 30 January.  Three Siamese (colours not yet known) and one Havana Brown Oriental.  All doing well so far.

Metro/Aby show on 31 October 2009

Luna has won a Best In Show and SUPREME EXHIBIT - her first ever!

December 2009

Skippy has been to visit Henry the stud - looking out for kittens at the end of January 2010.

And look out for our new stud cat to arrive at the end of December ......

12 September 2009 ......

Skippy has won a Best In Show and Breeders Award of Merit at the BASH show in Warkworth!